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2010 Officers and Committees


Region VI Officers

Chair: Sinh Simmons, University of Washington
Secretary: Maggie Griscavage, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Treasurer: Csilla Csaplar, Stanford University
Chair-elect: Jeri Muniz, University of Southern California

Secretary-elect: Joseph McNicholas, Loyola Marymount

Treasurer-elect: Michiko Pane, Stanford University

All terms expire 12-31-10

Regional Committees

Advisory Committee
Representatives to the National Committees
Nominating Committee
Program Committee (Ad hoc)
Awards Committee
Education and Professional Development Committee
Membership and Volunteer Committee
Past Officers & Committees


Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)

Sinh Simmons, University of Washington
Jeri Muniz, University of Southern California
Julie Guggino, Central Washington University
Csilla Csaplar, Stanford University
Michiko Pane, Stanford University
Maggie Griscavage, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Joseph McNicholas, Loyola Marymount
Nancy Lewis, University of California, Santa Barbara (term expires 12-31-10 - elected)
Leisa Rodriguez, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (term expires 12-31-11 - elected)
Kim Calvery, Oregon State University (term expires 12-31-10 - appointed)
Charles Greer, University of California, Riverside (term expires 12-31-11 - appointed)


RAC membership includes:

Current Regional Chair (Advisory Committee Chair)
Chair-elect (ex-officio, non-voting)
Immediate Past Chair
Current Secretary
Secretary-elect (ex-officio, non-voting)
Current Treasurer
Treasurer-elect (ex-officio, non-voting)
Two Elected Members (one elected each year)
Two Members Appointed by the Chair (one appointed each year)


Representatives to NCURA National Committees

Region VI member to the Board of Directors
Georgette Sakumoto, University of Hawaii 

Katherine Ho, Stanford University (Nationally-Elected)

Bruce Morgan, University of California Irvine

Region VI member to the Financial Management Committee
Barbara Cole, Stanford University

Region VI member to the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee
John Carfora, Loyola Marymount University 

Region VI member on the National Professional Development Committee
Pat Hawk, Oregon State University (Chair) 

Dan Nordquist, Washington State University (Vice Chair) 

Rosemary Madnick, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (Committee Member) 

Nominating Committee

Ted Mordhorst, University of Washington, Chair
Richard Seligman, California Institute of Technology
Virginia Anders, University of California, Los Angeles


Awards Committee

Kevin Stewart , University of California, Santa Barbara, Chair
Ann Pollack, University of California, Los Angeles
Csilla Csaplár, Stanford University
Maren Boyack, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Casi Heintzman, University of Washington

Education and Professional Development Committee

Linda Patton, California State University, Fullerton, Chair
Dawn Boatman, Portland State University
Debbie Caulfield, University of California, San Francisco
Rosemary Madnick, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute
Cecelia (Cece) Manoochehri, California Institute of Technology
Joyce Nims, University of Oregon
Helen Powell, University of Washington
Christopher Hale, UC Davis Medical Center
Laura Kubec, Keck Graduate Institute


Membership and Volunteer Committee

Wanda Bowen, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Chair
Gale Yamada, University of Hawaii, Institute of Astronomy
Joseph McNicholas, Loyola Marymount University
Mali Stuart, University of Washington
Rosemary Madnick, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute


Program Committee (Newport Beach, CA 2010 Meeting)

Program Co-Chair

Sinh Simmons, University of Washington, Region VI 



Debra Murphy, Arizona State University, Region VII


Program Committee
Csilla Csaplar, Region VI, Officer-Registration & Site   
Maggie Griscavage, Region VI, Officer-Registration & Site   
Kate Green, Region VII, Officer- Registration & Site    
Melissa Mullen, Region VI, Committee Chair-Sponsor/Vendor   
Wanda Bowen, Region VI, Committee Chair-Volunteers   
Brian Christian, Region VII, Member-IT   
Dan Nordquist, Region VI, Member-IT 
Monte Sutton,Region VI, Member-IT   
Josie Jiminez, Region VII, Track Co-Chair-Financial   
Ted Mordhorst, Region VI, Track Co-Chair-Financial   
Georgette Sakumoto, Region VI, Track Co-Chair-Government 
Dianne Horrocks, Region VI, Track Co-Chair-Government   
Candyce Lindsay, Region VII, Track Co-Chair-Pre-Award  
Joseph McNicholas, Region VI, Track Co-Chair-Pre-Award  
Randy Draper, Region VII, Track Co-Chair-Senior 
Jeri Muniz, Region VI, Track Co-Chair-Senior  
Avery Wright, Region VII, Track Co-Chair-Evaluations  
Leisa Rodriguez, Region VI, Track Co-Chair-Evaluations 
Kevin Stewart, Region VI, Track Co-Chair-Compliance & Legal    
Winnie Ennenga, Region VII, Track Co-Chair-Compliance & Legal   
Elizabeth Boyd, Region VII, Track Co-Chair-Compliance & Legal 
Marcia Knipher, Region VI, Track Co-Chair-Department  
Rosemary Madnick, Region VI, Track Co-Chair-Department 
Lisa Mosley, Region VII, Track Co-Chair-Department   

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