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Mission Statement:

Region VI serves it members and advances the field of research administration by promoting the sharing of knowledge through its locally accessible education and professional development programs, and fostering a regional sense of community through networking, volunteerism and leadership opportunities.

Core Values:

  • Regional community and identity

  • Integrity

  • Commitment to excellence

  • Diversity

  • Respect and civility

  • Collegiality and open exchange of views/ideas

  • Camaraderie

Goal:   Provide high-quality, comprehensive education and professional development programs to the membership.

Goal:   Increase regional membership and provide new and existing members with a variety of options to actively connect with the Region in ways that meet their needs and the needs of their institutions.

Goal:   Increase the modes and frequency of communications with the membership.

Goal:   Ensure sufficient financial resources and infrastructure to meet regional goals and respond to the needs of the region and its membership.


Provide the membership with ten educational and professional development program offerings per year.

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