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Travel Awards support travel-related costs for Research Administrators from Region VI to attend the NCURA Annual Meeting or the NCURA Region VI Regional Meeting.  The awards are to help support the attendance of research administrators who would otherwise be unable to attend due to financial barriers.


Reflective of NCURA's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we are committed to achieving diversity of all kinds in our NCURA community, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, experience, and institution type, and we encourage all interested to apply.


You are eligible to apply for a Region VI Travel Award if:

  • You are a Research Administrator from within the Region VI geographic area (Alaska, California, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada, Northern Marianas Islands, Oregon, Samoa, and Washington).

  • Your application describes the potential benefit of the award.

  • You submit a complete application packet, including required documentation.

  • You need not be a current member of NCURA to apply for or be awarded a Region VI Travel Award.


Applications must be completed and submitted within the submission period of the Call for Applications for the respective meeting(s).

See the ANNOUNCEMENTS page for link to the Call for Applications.  Calls for Applications are posted on the website and announced via e-mail and social media.

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