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2010-2011 LeadMe Program Cohort & Mentee Projects

Trish Forde, Senior Grant and Contract Officer, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Project Title: Time Management Tips for the Multitasking Research Administrator 
Mentor: Sinh Simmons, Associate Director, University of Washington

Matthew Kirk, Senior Grant & Contract Officer, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 
Project Title: Building an Institutional Capacity at Cedars-Sinai for Federal Contracting Activity
Mentor: Debbie Caulfield, Mentor Liaison, EMF Compliance Manager, University of California San Francisco

Felicia M. Mayes, Senior Administrative Services Associate, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Neurosurgery
Project Title: Increase Percentage of Certified Research Administrators within the Organization
Mentor: Cece Manoochehri, Fiscal Manager, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology

Stacy Miller, Senior Grant and Contract Officer, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center
Project Title: Creating an On-line Training Course in Research Administration
Mentor: Ann Pollock, Assistant Vice Chancellor – Research, University of California, Los Angeles


Jennifer Teixeira, Senior Research Administrator, Sponsored Projects Office, University of California, Merced
Project Title: Assessment of a Sponsored Projects Services Office
Mentor: Rosemary Madnick, Assistant Vice President, Research Administration Office, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute

Winnie Wang, Director of Sponsored Research, Chapman University, last affiliation
Project Title: Institutional Change at PUIs: Where it is and Where it's Going?
Mentor: Joyce Freedman, Independent Consultant, Senior Advisor to Mills College

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