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Mentee Program Activities

Program Objectives



Resources & Forms

Adapted from the successful NCURA Leadership Development Institute designed by Gale S. Wood, Consultant, the NCURA, Region VI, Education and Professional Development (E&PD) Committee has developed a modified program to strengthen and increase the number of new and emerging leaders to serve our profession and NCURA at the regional and national levels.

The one-year program focuses on providing educational and professional development experiences to selected Mentees.



The “LEAD Me” Program pairs one Mentee with a Primary Mentor who serves as the main contact to assist in identifying leadership and professional development goals and objectives. S/he will also help the Mentee formulate a Leadership and/or Professional Development (L&PD) Plan, a critically important element of the Program. This Plan will include the identification of a Personal Best Leadership Project through which the Mentee will demonstrate use of Kouzes & Posner's 5 practices and 10 commitments of successful leaders. Lastly, the Primary Mentor helps in identifying short term Supplementary Mentors to form a Mentee's Support Team to provide specialized knowledge of skills needed for the implementation of the Mentee's L&PD Plan.

Use of multiple mentors ensures that each Mentee is afforded an opportunity to have his/her needs for specialized knowledge and skills maximally addressed. No single Mentor, then, is expected to address the comprehensive range of expectations or needs of his/her assigned Mentee. Finally, this overall approach to mentoring should result in increased volunteer involvement and participation from NCURA, Region VI & VII members.


  • Create a supportive and interactive e-learning environment where Program participants and the membership can share knowledge to help guide selected Mentees through the leadership development process

  • Provide access to e-tools on a range of leadership and professional development topics to contribute to the development of new Region VI & VII leaders

  • Increase interest and foster long term careers in sponsored research

  • Provide opportunities to form, increase and strengthen professional contacts and relationships among the region's members

  • Further strengthen professional networks within the region's research community and beyond




LeadMe Program Chair/Co-chairs (reporting to the Education & Professional Development Committee)

  • Provide overall leadership of the program

  • Ensure continuity of operations: calls, schedules, recruitment, assignment of roles and responsibilities

  • Identify leaders and experts outside the program to lead Professional Development series presentations

  • Organize and serve as Chair/Co-Chair of LeadMe Subcommittee; convene as needed to review program objectives and progress, or to resolve operational or programmatic challenges

  • Report to Chair of Education and Professional Development (EPDC) Committee on program goals, progress and challenges


  • Active participation in planned activities

  • Establish measurable and achievable leadership and/or professional development goals and objectives

  • Develop a Leadership Project, in consultation with Mentor

  • Interact with Mentor and MINT regularly

  • Minimum of two contacts per month

  • Be available, responsive and respectful of time commitments

  • Complete assignments in a timely manner

  • Proactively communicate needs to Mentor

  • Remain open to feedback

  • Seek opportunities to continually grow professionally and to contribute to NCURA

  • Be responsive to webmaster/mistress requests


  • Assist Mentee in setting his/her goals and objectives

  • Help the Mentee devise a viable Leadership Project

  • Be accessible to Mentee based on a mutually agreed upon schedule

  • 2 times per month minimum

  • Enthusiastically share information, skills and knowledge

  • Provide constructive feedback

  • Serve as a thoughtful listener and supportive advisor

  • Encourage opportunities for professional growth within the profession and volunteer contributions to NCURA, both regionally and nationally


  • Assist Mentors with Mentees in developing established set goals and objectives

  • Assist the Mentee with developing their Leadership Project

  • Share previous experience in the program

  • Serve as a thoughtful listener and supportive advisor

  • Encourage opportunities for professional growth and volunteer contributions to NCURA

  • Provide operational support to program: Coordinating calls, Webex invitations, etc.



  • Create a Leadership and/or Professional Development (L&PD) Plan

  • Read and study The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner, 5th Edition

  • Develop a “Personal Best Leadership Project” which utilizes the 5 practices and 10 commitments espoused in The Leadership Challenge

  • Present a Poster about the preliminary status of the Personal Best Project during the Regional Meeting

  • Submit a program synopsis of the completed Project for presentation consideration at an Annual Meeting

  • Maintain a personal journal to document and reflect on Program experiences

  • Engage in on-line readings and other e-discussions

  • Maintain a Mentee-Mentor Contact Log


PROGRAM COHORTS (pages under construction)