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ANNOUNCEMENTS| Region VI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Introducing the Region VI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

NCURA Region VI is pleased to introduce the inaugural members of the regional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee:

Sylvia Campos

Brigidann Cooper

Patrick Lennon

Matthew Michener

Akilah Pruitt

Anastasia Rutherford

Cristi Williams

Lisa Wottrich

Kartik Yadav

Emily Yu

More information about our committee members will be accessible on the forthcoming DEI page on the NCURA Region VI website, which will be released very soon.

Mission Statement

The committee’s first action was to develop and adopt the following mission statement:

NCURA’s Region VI DEI Committee aligns with the Council’s overall goal of promoting the development of research administration as a professional field while stimulating the personal growth of the members of the Council.

Region VI’s committee dedicates their time and resources to creating and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment that embraces and celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion regionally, nationally, and globally.

These principles are vital to the Region’s sustainability and growth as well as the breadth of educational and professional opportunities offered. The committee’s goal is to empower members to participate, learn, lead, educate, celebrate and advocate for growth and learning that reflects the dynamic and universal world we live in.


We would love feedback from Region VI members about what activities or programming you’d like to see. So please fill out our comment form at any time here

Upcoming DEI Committee Activities

  • AM64 - The committee is partnering with the Region I DEI Committee to host a get-together during happy hour at the Annual Meeting in DC as well as a DEI meet-up in the Region VI hospitality suite. Details will be available at the Regional Connections desk at check-in.

  • RM2022 - We are also putting together several sessions for the Regional Meeting in Tucson. More details to come!

  • 2023 and Beyond - The committee will be looking for new members for 2023. More information is available on the Region VI website at

Thank you to the committee for their work in making Region VI more diverse, equitable, and inclusive!

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