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Call for Nominations for 2021 NCURA Region 6 Elected Positions

This year, our region will be holding elections for three regional leadership positions:

  • Chair-Elect

  • Secretary-Elect

  • One (1) Regional Advisory Committee At-Large member

We are looking for dedicated and exceptional regional volunteers and leaders to fill each of these roles!

The Chair and Secretary positions involve a two-year commitment, including one year in the elect position and the following year as the incumbent. In addition, the Chair position includes a third year as Immediate Past Chair following service as Chair. The Regional Advisory Committee member serves for two years. Descriptions for each position can be found below.

Reflective of NCURA's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we are committed to achieving diversity of all kinds in our leaders, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, experience, and institution type, and we encourage all interested members to become involved in leadership opportunities in NCURA. Please consider nominating yourself or a qualified colleague who would be willing to serve the region in one of these open positions. The nomination form can be found online here:

Nominations will need to include the completed online nomination form, statement of interest and DEI position, nominee resume, and letter(s) of recommendation (submitted separately as attachments via e-mail to

The closing date for nominations is Friday, May 14, 2021.

Thank you on behalf of the Region VI Nominating Committee!

Samantha Aleshire (University of Alaska, Fairbanks)

Derek Brown (Washington State University)

Csilla Csaplár, chair (Stanford University)

Kim Eudy (University of Southern California)

Heather Kubinec (Cedars Sinai)

Nancy Lewis (University of California, Irvine)


Regional Chair

The Regional Chair serves Region VI as its chief executive officer for a period of one year, beginning January 1 of the year following election, and reports to the membership and the National Board of Directors. The Region VI Chair shall be responsible for planning the regional meeting each year, calling meetings, establishing ad hoc committees, appointing committee members, and performing other duties as required in directing the activities of the region. The Regional Chair, at the conclusion of the term of office, shall serve as Immediate Past Chair on the Regional Advisory Committee.

The Region VI and VII Chairs shall share joint oversight of the responsibility for planning the regional meeting, including logistics such as site selection, negotiation of the hotel/conference center contract, and developing the meeting program.


The Chair-Elect serves Region VI for a period of one year, beginning January 1 of the year following election, and shall assume the duties of the Regional Chair in his/her absence. The Chair-Elect reports to the Region VI Chair. The Chair-Elect shall assume the office of Regional Chair at the expiration of the Chair-Elect's term of office, or upon the death, recall, or resignation of the Regional Chair. The Chair-Elect shall assist the Regional Chair, as requested, in directing the activities of the region.


The Secretary serves Region VI for a period of one year, beginning January 1 of the year following election, and shall report to the Region VI Chair. The Secretary shall be responsible for taking and distributing minutes of regional business meetings, maintaining the official membership roster of the region, facilitating regional communications, and making appropriate reports at regional meetings. The Secretary will also be responsible for assisting with Regional Meeting logistics.


The Secretary-Elect shall serve the Region for one year beginning January 1 of the year following election, and shall report to the Regional Secretary. The Secretary-Elect shall assist the Regional Secretary, as requested, in fulfilling his/her responsibilities so as to ensure continuity and a smooth transition to the position of Region VI Secretary the following year, beginning January 1.

Regional Advisory Committee Member

The Regional Advisory Committee member serves as an at-large member, and supports the RAC in advising the chair on regional business, developing strategies for regional activities, evaluating regional issues, and serving as a general sounding board for the chair and the membership. Every year, one at-large member will be elected by the Region membership and one at-large member will be appointed by the Region Chair. All at-large members will serve two-year terms beginning January 1 of the year following election.

Position descriptions online here:

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